Dear Luber...

The Wheat Kings are down two games to none in their first round playoff series against Edmonton.  Should Brandon fans be worried?

Panicky Wheat Kings’ fan

Dear Panicky

Maybe some mild anxiety, but certain not in any big panic at this point.  Admittedly, the club didn’t play to their potential in the opening two games on home-ice, but I wouldn’t be overly concerned until they, potentially, lose a third game to the Oil Kings.

A reminder for Wheat Kings’ fans.  The league-leading Calgary Hitmen lost the first two games of the 2010 playoffs on home-ice to the Moose Jaw Warriors (and were down 3-1 in that first round series) before rallying to win the series, and then going on to claim the Western Hockey League championship.

Dear Luber...

Spring training is nearly complete.  How do you think the Toronto Blue Jays will do this season?

Let’s Play Ball

Dear LPB

The hype surrounding the Toronto Blue Jays has been extensive this spring, and if past year have taught us anything, it’s that the Jays rarely live up to their advance hype.

I predict the contract squabbles of Jose Batista and Edwin Encarnacion become a distraction, Troy Tulowitzki lives up to his injury-prone status and doesn’t play more than 100 games, Josh Donaldson can’t repeat his MVP numbers and the starting staff behind Marcus Stroman falters.  86-76 record, three games out of the second wild-card spot.

Dear Luber

With the Manitoba Senior Baseball League ceasing operations for 2016, will there be any worthwhile local baseball to watch this season?

Local Ball Fan

Dear Local...

I’m going to be quite interested to see the Brandon Marlins playing the Manitoba Junior Baseball League this season.  I’m not all that familiar with the calibre of play in the MJBL, but I think it should be pretty close to the MSBL.

The other interesting part of this scenario for me is that if the Marlins have success as a junior baseball program, could it lead to Brandon eventually having a team in the Western Major Baseball League.

I would thinking watching college players perform during the summer might be good sporting entertainment, and there’s certainly enough teams close to Brandon (Yorkton, Weyburn, Regina, Moose Jaw, Melville) that it might be viable.

The only questions would be a) is it financially viable to have a team and b) who would run the operation.