Welcome to the Business Directory and Classifieds section of the web site.  Thank-you for visiting.  Registration is FREEMost classified categories are FREE to post in.  Please read through instructions first before posting your first ad to fully understand how the classifieds work.

You ALWAYS must be logged in first before posting a classified, submitting a business listing, or editing an existing classified ad/business listing.

If you have already registered an account, and have logged in, then proceed to Step 2 to post a classified/business listing.

Step 1: Registering an Account:

To create an account go to the “register” button on the main menu at the top of the page. Here you will supply your username and email address. See photo below You will receive an email confirmation upon registration with your account information. If you do not receive this email then please check your spam settings/folder. Emails regarding your account setup, passwords, and listings will arrive from BDNMB.CA does not reply to this email address so all inquires can be directed to the contact information listed at the bottom of this page.


Upon completion of the registration process you will have the ability to change your password, and edit your profile, by clicking on the “edit profile” link underneath the silhouette image and setting  your own password. See photo below. Otherwise you can use the password which was emailed to you upon registration.


Once you have entered the section to edit your profile you can scroll to the bottom of this page to change your password.  See photo below.


Step 2: Post a Classified/Business Directory Listing
When logged in you will see in the top right corner “How’s it going, “username” so you will know that you are logged in. From there you can head straight to posting a classified ad or business directory listing. To post a classified ad go to the “submit classified” link, select the plan you want, and follow the prompts.


FREE Classified Ads

For FREE classified ads which no not require a subscription simply click on the “Free Classifieds Posting” select button and follow the prompts to submit your free classified ad.  To submit additional classified ads repeat steps 2 & 3.


Classifieds Ads/Business Directory Listings Which Require Subscriptions

To post in our business directory, services or real estate for sale areas please click on the “submit classified” or “submit listing” link on the main menu bar for the appropriate plans, click on the “select” button of the plan that you wish to purchase, and follow the prompts. You have to be logged in to purchase one of the services, real estate for sale, or business directory listings.  See photo below.

We accept PayPal for those ads (services category, real estate for sale, and business directory) which require payment. Payment is required first to post in anyone of those three categories. Once the PayPal payment has been completed you will be prompted to return to your submission page where you can update your classified ad/listing accordingly.  Additional instructions are available below for those subscriptions (real estate for sale) which allow for multiple listings based on the package plan you purchased.


Step 3: Updating/Editing Listings

If you want to change any of the ad details once you have posted a classified/listing you need to go to the “register” or “login” link on the main menu bar and it will take you to a page where you can edit your profile and adjust/edit your listings. To adjust your individual classifieds/listings click on the classifieds/listings tab and you can make any changes from that point.  All of the current classifieds/business directory listings attributed to your account will be located here. See photo below.  Once again you have to be logged into your account to make any of these changes.


Real Estate Submissions

If you have purchased a real estate for sale subscription please follow the steps below for posting additional house listings.  The example below is for someone who has purchased the Real Estate Supreme Package and has listed two homes already. 

Always remember to login FIRST before posting a house listing. There are 3 easy steps. Photos below for reference.

1) Once you are in the classifieds/directory section you can click on “login” at the top of the main menu bar and place in your username and password. Once logged in you will see in the top right corner “How’s it going, UserName” so you will know that you are logged in. You have to be logged in to submit the additional house listings.


2) As you have already purchased a real estate for sale plan click, the “submit classifieds” link in the top menu bar and you will now see the following.  The package comes with 25 total house listings, so the program will notify you that you do have the 23 listings still available.

Real Estate Supreme (25 Listings)
You have already subscribed to this package.
This package allows you to add 25 real estate for sale classifieds, you have already added 2. You still have 23 listings left in your package.
Submit listing within following days: 365


3) You can now hit select on the “REAL ESTATE SUPREME” link and follow the prompts to submit your new listing. You can add 8 photos per house listing. Each time you submit a new house listing it will reduce of number of listings you have available by one. To add more listings remain logged in and repeat steps 2 & 3. You can continue adding listings until you have listed all 25.


Updating/Editing Classified/Real Estate Posts

If you ever want to change/edit/update any of the details once you have posted a house listing you need to go to the “register” page and it will take you to a page where you can edit your profile and adjust/edit your listings. To adjust your individual house listing click on the classifieds tab and you can make any changes from that point.


Ad/Directory Rules & Guidelines

To post classified ads and business directory listings review these guidelines. Registration is FREE.

Full terms and conditions at

By posting ads on our classifieds, you are agreeing to the following guidelines:

  1. Garage Sales are to be listed in the garage sales section.
  2. Do not post commercial advertising in the “free” section.
  3. You will get a better response to your ad if you include the price of the articles for sale.
  4. Do not post multiple copies of the message, either in the same day or within 7 days. Do not delete and re-post your ad.
  5. Do not use extra characters like *, &, #, !!!!, etc. to draw more attention to your ad. It will be deleted.
  6. No links to external sites are permitted in free ads.
  7. Grey market and illegal items are prohibited from the classifieds. Such items include Sony Playstation MOD chips, DirectTV, H Cards, HU Cards, cable descramblers, satellite descramblers, multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, PIRATED SOFTWARE, etc. Most of these items are generally sold as a business and for that reason alone, are not welcome on the classifieds.
  8. Abusers will lose privileges to post.
  9. People avoiding “bans” will result in their complete domain being blocked.
  10. Remember your username and password so you can remove your items from the list or so that you may mark them sold.
  11. We reserve the right to remove and/or reject any ads.
  12. We do not assume responsibility for the products or services being sold or offered.
  13. When using the Classifieds at, always post under the most suitable category,
  14. Businesses wishing to advertise please contact us at the information below.

    Darryl Wolski Business Card

    Jody Sass Business Card