11th annual Westman’s Got Talent at Prairie Firehouse


The Kinette Club of Brandon will be holding their 11th annual Westman’s Got Talent at the Prairie Firehouse. There are 2 shows on November 6 & 7 (November 6 is under 18, and November 7 is over 18). Proceeds from the Under 18 show will go to the Kinette Scholarship Program, and proceeds from the 18+ show to be donated to the Women’s Resource Centre. Tickets are only $25 for the diner and the show and they can be purchased at Phillips Insurance, the Brandon Shoppers Mall, or by emailing kinetteclubofbrandon@gmail.com.

If you have a talent to share, you can pick up entry forms at Phillips Insurance or at the Brandon’s Shopper Mall.

A link to the Facebook event page can be found here.