2018 Annual Conference Focuses on the Human Impact of Childhood Trauma

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BRANDON:  Children who experience childhood trauma do not ‘just get over it’. So how do we help them survive? What they – and we – need is an understanding of their behaviours and responses to what happened to them, their grief and loss resulting from that trauma, and the trauma’s lifelong impacts that can affect them well into adulthood.

Over 200 social workers, counsellors, foster parents, educators, and other professionals from across Manitoba will gain a better understanding of the human impact of trauma on our personal and professional lives.

When:  Wednesday April 25 and Thursday April 26, 2018
Where: Keystone Centre, MNP Hall, 1175 18th Street, Brandon
Time: 9:00 am – 4:00pm

“We want to strengthen the skills and tools we have for working with traumatized children, youth, and families,” says Dave McGregor, Chief Executive Officer of Child and Family Services of Western Manitoba. “This two-day workshop will help us gain a better understanding of the grief, loss, and trauma that these kids deal with and the effect it has on them.”

“We also will learn more about creating a trauma-informed environment overall throughout our Agency with our staff, the families we work with, and our community partners.”

The conference is being facilitated by international speakers and consultants in child welfare Amelia Franck Meyer, Founder and CEO of Alia: innovations for people and systems impacted by childhood trauma, and Debi Grebenik, Chief Knowledge Officer of Alia.