2022 Temporary Sidewalk / On-Street Patio Permit Application Program


City of Brandon’s Development Services is bringing back the Temporary Sidewalk / On-Street Patio program, which allows food and beverage establishments to set up patios on City property, with no fee payable to the City of Brandon. In addition, the City is prepared to offer the required safety signs for on-street patios at no cost to the applicant.

To apply, business owners must produce a site plan, proof of insurance, and a signed declaration, which is included in the application. Compliance with health, liquor and fire regulations will also be required. If alcohol is being served, a barrier / fence surrounding the patio is required. Patios are already permitted on private property, with no fees to the City.

For more information, please visit City of Brandon – Temporary Patios On City Property, email planning@brandon.ca, or call 204-729-2110.

(City of Brandon PSA)