4 Band Extravaganza @ The 40, Your Band Could Also Be a Part of the Fun! Find out how, here


Brandon's local music scene is about to get a much beeded shot in the arm as fans, friends and supporters of Westman's music scene will have two opportunities to check out four great local bands in one night this weekend at the 40. Plus one lucky local group will win a spot on the roster for this event! Initially the line up was to be 4 X 4 taking the stage at 9pm followed by the Invisible Men, The Junk and Tremendous Dynamite. However due to an unforseen mishap which unconfirmed reports lead us to believe was a horrific gardening accident involving their drummer, The Invisible Men will not be able to make it out for this local rock soire. Event coordinators have decided that one band's loss can be another local act's gain.

Aspiring local acts are to submit their band for a drawing to be held at 7pm Thursday. We will announce the winning group right here on www.BDNMB.ca. The lucky band will perform a 45 minute set on the 40 stage from 9pm – 9:45pm this Friday and Saturday nights (July 15th & 16th). If you or anyone you know has been working away on tunes in the basement or garage, here is your chance to hit an actual stage and do your thing in front of a crowd!

Submit band names and contact info to FM1PR1@gmail.com
Please put 4 band Extravaganza in the subject line.

Entry deadline is 5pm Thursday, July 14.

Local heavy rock quartette "The Junk" are one of the bands slated to play this weekend at The 40 during the 4 band Extravaganza. The affable rockers describe themselves and their sound this way: "10 years ago 4 shotgun hobo types drifted together to make music their way, the only way! Loud and nasty! For God's sake don't invite them in!! your very souls will be at risk! and your hearing!! All hail the junk!!" Show starts at 9pm cover charge is $5.00 both nights.

This event will be video taped by WCG then aired on WCG Channel 12. Air date has yet to be determined. This is an 18+ event. All members of each band that enters must be of legal age.