Amazing Christmas Light Show 2022


If you’re looking to add a little Christmas joy this holiday season, we suggest hoping in your car to check out the beautiful light display at 3514 Rosser Ave. The address is home to an amazing light show featuring 10,000 lights, 18 different songs, and 2 short skits from The Griswolds Christmas movie. The songs are alternated daily.

Home owner Jeff Miller told that the family has been decorating the house for many years now. “We have been decorating our house for the holidays since 2010.  Started with traditional lights and blowups and expanded every year.  I had always wanted to do a light show to music but could never find the time to learn how to do one.  When Covid hit and we were in lockdown I figured it was a good time to learn” said Miller. “In early 2020 I bought some individually addressable LED lights and started learning how to sequence them. It wasn’t till last year we did our first light show to music at Halloween and again at Christmas”.

Each year Miller estimates he spends 100s of hours working on the display. He works on it all year long and he has already starting to build and plan stuff for next year. It’s a lot of work but it’s a great hobby and he really enjoys it. The Christmas display starts just around the first weekend after Remembrance Day each year and goes till about a week after New Years.  5pm – 10pm weekdays and 5pm – 11pm on weekends.

In addition to the Christmas show, the family also has a Halloween show that runs each year for about 3 weeks ending on October 31st. “My wife and I have 3 young boys who love Christmas/Halloween just as much as we do. They get excited to decorate every year.  It makes us all happy. We also do it to bring joy to others” concluded Miller.