Astoria Pizza & Pasta to open Wednesday, picture gallery included

Astoria Pizza & Pasta dining room.

The restaurant and lounge inside Astoria Pizza & Pasta (1650 Park Ave) is set to open to the public on Wednesday, September the 12th.  The restaurant is owned by Toula Tarr and Brock Trotter and they have spent the last several weeks training staff and looking after all the finer details to ensure a smooth opening.  Toula is the daughter of Steve and Barb Paras, the owners of the original Astoria Pizza in Brandon.


Both the restaurant and lounge have been updated and remodeled.  The menu (pizza, pasta, salads, subs, appetizers) features the same old country family recipes served at the families original location on the corner of Victoria Ave. and 26th Street.  There is also a kid’s and senior’s menu as well as a variety of desserts to choose from.  A soup and salad bar will also be available throughout the prime lunch and dinner hours.  They can be reached at 717-5555 or via their Facebook page.

Salad bar inside Astoria Pizza & Pasta.
Artistic CNC designed the sign that sits above the host station.
Lounge inside Astoria Pizza & Pasta.
Menu page from Astoria Pizza & Pasta.
Another view of the lounge.
Chicken cacciatore, The Great Canadian pizza, Beef Nachos, Wings & dip