Bannock inspired restaurant to open in the Wheat City


A group of friends and family (Darian and Caitlin Kennedy, Steven Nickle, Aushya Houle, Candice Kennedy) recently made an announcement their intention to open an Indigenous restaurant in Brandon. Three Sisters Bannock House is hoping for a January 2022 opening. The restaurant will be located at 908 Rosser Avenue in downtown Brandon. The name Three Sisters Bannock House is derived from three key ingredients (baking powder, salt and sugar) used to make soft, fluffy bannock!

Speaking with earlier today Darian said the group was excited to share the food that they grew up with alongside the culture. The space will undergo minimal renovations over the next several months as the group works further on their concept and menu. Menu items will include fried bannock, baked bannock, bannock burgers, and other traditional recipes that have been handed down over generations.

For additional information on the restaurant and it’s progress, please follow their Facebook page here.