Beer makes a grand entrance


Brandonites got their first taste of the Black Wheat Brewing Company products Tuesday night. In fact, the beer arrived during a blizzard. What a way to make an entrance!  Who doesn’t love an icy cold beer though?

Wrapping gifts and baking cookies was the setting for my first taste of the new beers. 

The first one, the one with the cheeky name, Reality Czech, is my favourite of the two introductions. No doubt this one will be popular! It’s a light-tasting, easy drinking Czech-style pale lager. It has a fresh, almost floral finish to it. It goes well with copious amounts of Christmas cookies and fudge. (Or that’s how I tried it, at least!) I look forward to trying it again with some gingerbread cookies, or maybe even a charcuterie tray. Isn’t that what we’re all eating this week anyways?  In my opinion, this great tasting beer would pair well with just about anything.

Photo: Cathie Crossin

If you like a full flavoured, crisp IPA style lager, then do try the Empire Ale.  It’s got a darker colour and a higher alcohol content. I think it would be well paired with a spicy pizza, wings or sharp cheddar cheese and soft pretzels. 

The day after my taste test and introductions, I thought I would share a few by playing secret Santa & delivering a few to the doorsteps of friends. I stopped along the way to snap a few scenic photos. The labels are very attractive and look fantastic. Everyone I spoke to agrees!

I stopped to grab a pizza for my last delivery (as I thought it would be a nice touch). Who wouldn’t love a Fast Fired Pizza and a beverage delivered to their door?  (It made for a nice picture too! Sorry if the pizza cooled off a bit.) 

Photo: Cathie Crossin

Kudos to the brewmaster and brand managers at Black Wheat Brewing Company. I know it’s not easy launching a product, or building a brand in a pandemic. The other thing I know is that the folks of Brandon and Westman are supportive and love local. The future is bright and we certainly look forward to the brewery and taproom opening this Spring. It will be absolutely wonderful when we can sit side-by-side, share stories, raise a glass to toast and actually drink a beer together once again.

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