Blu Kitchen and Bar Changes Hands to the Trotters on November 11th


As of November 11th Blu Kitchen and Bar will change ownership and operations to Blake and Landon Trotter.

According to Blake Trotter the Blu concept will be changed to some degree, and overall staffing and operations will see some changes.

The Trotters have owned Wendy’s in Brandon for the past 15 years and have made it one of the top performing franchises in all of Canada ranking in the top 5 in sales. Plus, roughly 18 months ago they brought the Browns Socialhouse franchise to Brandon and their local operation has been the # 1 producing Browns in Canada setting sales records.

Also, Blake informed has us that some nights Blu will feature live DJ’s to give the lounge a different vibe at night.

Unconfirmed, but various sources have told BDNMB.CA that Blu will adapt various menu items such as the desserts from Gulivers.

Congrats to Blake and Landon on their latest venture.