Bobbies’ Bistro opens with new food and coffee options in Knowles-Douglas building

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Bobbies’ Bistro is now serving up coffee, pastries, and hot, fresh food for students, faculty, and staff on the go.

The new bistro brings together student-run management through the Brandon University Students’ Union with fresh and house-made convenience meals from BU Food Services.

“We’ve taken the popular BU Fresh items, which are perfect for grab-and-go, and added hot quick-service options as well. Everything is delicious and nutritious, and now it’s even more convenient,” said Nicholas Namespetra, Director of BU Food Services. “It can be a little bit faster than the full-service meal options we offer in Harvest Hall and the Down Under, and the new location is so bright and airy.”Along with pastries, the bistro serves the popular BU Fresh line of sandwiches and wraps, and also offers made-to-order paninis and flatbread. Vegetarian options are also available, which can be made vegan on request.

Photo: Brandon University News

All pandemic precautions remain in place in the new Bobbies’ Bistro, which requires masks at all times unless actively eating or drinking, and which is open only to fully-vaccinated patrons for any dine-in service.

“It’s an incredibly convenient space to quickly get a coffee, a drink, or a great meal on the go,” said Olufunke Adeleye, BUSU President. “It’s also a fantastic study space.”

Bobbies’ is located off the Mingling Area of the Knowles-Douglas Student Centre, taking over the space vacated by a coffeeshop and that had previously housed SUDS, the student pub. The name is a playful and affectionate twist on ‘Bobcats’ that throws back to a one-time nickname for BU women’s sports teams.

To start, hours will be from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, until April. Opening hours and menu items may be adjusted to meet demand.

(Source: Brandon University News)