Brandon company offering drive-by birthday messages

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Loke many companies in Brandon, Direct Traffic Ltd., understood how coronavirus put a damper on birthday celebrations and wanted to do something about it. The company came up with an idea to help recognize your child’s or loved one’s special day by creating a safe and memorable birthday experience. Direct Traffic Ltd can drive by/park one of their electronic message boards that has a birthday greeting and name on it, play a happy birthday song on the speakers and turn on all of the flashing lights and beacons!

“We saw lots of people on Facebook organizing birthday parades, and it just popped into our head that we had something unique and special that we could offer to the parades.” Operations Supervisor Breanne Turner told “We are doing it for absolutely no cost at all as this pandemic has been hard enough on everyone, we just wanted to bring something positive to the community.”

According to Turner, the response to the initiative has been very positive as they are offering something different than the usual. “It’s really special to see your name go by all lit up on a big flashing board, especially for the little ones.”

The company started offering the service in November of 2020 and continues to do today. “We are a little more limited now than we were over the winter as we are using more of our Message Boards for road construction projects, but as long as we have the boards available we will join in on the parade. To book a birthday drive-by from Direct Traffic Ltd. you can contact our office at 204-573-9167, email us at, or message us on our Facebook page said Breanne.