Brandon teacher awarded CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics

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Christopher Sarkonak, a Math & Physics Teacher from Crocus Plains
Regional Secondary School, has been awarded the 2022 CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics (Prairies & NWT) from the Canadian Association of Physicists Foundation (CAPF)!

The CAP Award for Excellence in Teaching High School/CEGEP Physics was introduced in 2010 and is intended to recognize excellence in teaching physics in Canadian high schools or CEGEPs, and to encourage and promote physics at the high school level. The award is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Physics, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, TRIUMF, and the Institute of Particle Physics.

This award is presented to Mr. Sarkonak:

“In recognition of his passion and dedication in teaching physics, particularly his ungrading policies, inclusive classroom, and commitment to sharing strategies to assist other physics teachers. Christopher’s student-centered, equity-based approaches in the classroom have led naturally into his support and celebration of women through an annual STEM for Girls event. Notably, he has also twice received the Ceremonial Star Blanket.”

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Mr. Sarkonak has been teaching at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School since 2011. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science (Honours) from Brandon University, majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Physics and Math, as well as a Master of Mathematics for Teachers from University of Waterloo.

“I am very fortunate to be able to teach a subject that I love and knowing that it’s impacted my students and colleagues across Canada to the point of nominating me for this award is incredibly humbling! It is a tremendous honour to be recognized by the Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) for the work that I have done in physics teaching these last few years. I’ve made it my goals to make physics education accessible to everyone, to create strong connections with members of Canada’s physics community, and to inspire more students to pursue physics.”  Christopher Sarkonak