Brandon University plans Fall Term with mostly online instruction


Brandon University’s Fall Term will see instruction that is mostly delivered online, as we continue to take precautions to ensure the health and safety of our whole community.

While Covid-19 trends in Manitoba look promising, BU is taking a cautious and prudent approach that is in line with provincial phased reopening plans. We will limit in-person instruction to where it is necessary, and avoid potential mid-term disruption from any resurgence of infection or second wave of cases.


Planning now for a mostly online Fall Term gives certainty to students, faculty and staff, and allows for the best possible learning experience to be developed. An online term also brings parity to students who cannot travel to Brandon, for those with continuing responsibilities at home, and for those with health considerations.

A limited number of classes, labs, studios, or practicums may need to be held in-person. These exceptions, when known, will be posted in the online registration guide.

Much work remains to be done to plan for the Fall, and the university has created several administrative and academic working groups to develop recommendations, in consultation with representatives from all areas of campus, for Senate and the President’s Administrative Council.

Detailed plans for the Fall Term will continue to be developed through June and will be shared in early July. Faculty should begin discussions with their chairs and deans about their course plans, and the resources they will need.

Faculty and staff have shown tremendous resilience and creativity over the past few months, as have students, as we responded together to the challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic. We know this is a challenging time and are committed to supporting you in the months to come.

The university campus remains open for faculty and staff, as well as for students who have arrangements with their dean to access needed campus facilities. Phase Two reopening includes the possibility for limited in-person instruction over the summer. Employees should continue to work from home, where possible.

This fall, we expect most services, including student services like advising and educational library services will continue to be offered largely online. Residence and Food Services we expect to be open, although capacities may be limited. Return of more people to campus will be determined based on public health guidance and campus modifications, and will be communicated as early as possible.

As always, our commitment remains providing the highest quality educational experience and the safest environment for all.

(Brandon University News)