Brandon University ranks 18th in annual Maclean’s survey


Source:  Brandon University News Release

Brandon University continues to be ranked as a national leader in providing undergraduate students with faculty facetime and educational supports.

This year’s Maclean’s magazine rankings of Canadian universities again placed BU near the top in faculty per student, class sizes and budget for student services, as well as for library support.

The rankings were released last week. Overall, BU moved slightly down to land at 18 in the list of primarily undergraduate institutions. Last year, BU had ranked 16th overall in that category, which was up a spot from the year previous.

The Maclean’s rankings continue to favour institutions with restrictive admission policies over open admissions policies like BU’s. Open admission allows more students to benefit from access to post-secondary education and helps address Manitoba’s low rate of post-secondary attainment.

While rankings like these provide a regular opportunity to identify national trends and assess overall BU performance through a particular lens, Brandon University remains focused on its current priorities of student success, student and faculty research, and community engagement, such as through our successful BU50 Homecoming this past weekend.