Brandon University to require proof of vaccination or recent negative test

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Brandon University will require faculty, staff, and students to provide either proof of full vaccination or proof of a recent negative Covid test before they are able to come to campus.

Full vaccination will be required no later than Oct. 31, a date that permits members of our community to receive their first dose at our on-campus vaccination clinics Sept. 7–9. First dose requirements and/or proof of negative Covid test results will be phased in earlier.

This is an interim administrative decision made in the interests of providing some clarity and fairness to students and faculty, as well as offering the safest possible educational experience for the Fall Term. Many students, as well as some faculty, will already be required to prove full vaccination or to undergo repeated testing as a result of Tuesday’s announcement of provincial vaccine requirements.

We have heard from members of our university community who are on both sides of this issue and we thank all of those who have shared their input with us; we continue important dialogue with employee, faculty, and student groups, as well as our Board of Governors, and will ensure that our final policy is reflective of this dialogue. We are also continuing to work with Shared Health and with provincial public health authorities to establish testing parameters and access to testing resources.

Many questions remain, and we will continue to consult with our community as we draft our full vaccine policy, which will be completed as soon as possible. The policy is expected to answer important questions around privacy, verification, applicability to campus visitors, as well as costs and access to rapid testing or other alternatives for the very small number of people who cannot receive a Covid-19 vaccine.

The Fall Term at BU will also include a strict mask mandate, as well as very limited class sizes, physical distancing, and enhanced sanitization and ventilation that together with vaccination provide multiple layers of protection.

The vaccines are safe and effective — we encourage everyone to get vaccinated at their earliest opportunity. Full vaccination dramatically reduces your chances of becoming ill, nearly eliminates your likelihood of being hospitalized or dying, and also reduces your chances of passing on the virus to anyone else. The more people who are fully vaccinated, the more we protect our entire community from the effects of Covid.

Brandon University is also offering fully vaccinated students, faculty, and staff a chance at more than $10,000 in prizes, including tuition credits and more, through the Winning Shot initiative. In line with the new vaccine requirements, the deadline for entering the Winning Shot has been moved to Oct. 31 — and new weekly prizes will now be drawn.

(Brandon University News Release)