Brandon University’s student population grows again this year


BRANDON – Strong international enrolment has driven Brandon University’s student population to new heights with a sixth straight year of growth.

Brandon University is home to 3,662 students this year, an increase of 3.0 per cent from 3,554 last year, and an overall rise of more than 25 per cent since 2012. Total credit hours, based on the number and length of courses that students are taking, stand at nearly 70,000 across the five faculties at BU, also up slightly from last year.

International headcount rose by 82 students, but other enrolment figures and first-time registrations have remained relatively steady this year in a sign that BU’s strong string of recent growth may be tapering off.

“Our substantial growth in international enrolment is evidence that word is getting out around the world about the quality of education that we offer at Brandon University, and these international students in turn bring tremendous diversity and vibrancy to our community,” said Dr. Steve Robinson, BU’s Interim President and Vice-Chancellor.

“We must continue to work to demonstrate to all students the value of a BU education, and to provide the supports and services that will attract students and allow them to be successful in their educational pursuits.”

Official statistics at BU are recorded based on November numbers, to best account for late registrations and most of the course changes that naturally happen in the early parts of the academic year.