Brandon’s Daemon Hunt ‘brings the focus’ as he readies for NHL Entry Draft

Phopto Submitted

BDNMB.CA had a chance recently to sit down with Daemon Hunt, the highest ranked NHL Entry Draft Brandon / Western Manitoba prospect in this year’s NHL entry Draft.  The 6 foot Moose Jaw Warriors defencemen has been ranked anywhere from 44th overall to 99th.  But at the end of the day so many great NHL players were never first round picks and for the very professional spoken Hunt you can tell he has amazing focus.

BDNMB  – Tell us how much attention you put into the various draft rankings?
Hunt – I spend really no time looking at the rankings, honestly I am not too concerned about them.

BDNMB – What does your normal day to day training look like?
Hunt  – During the week I work with Paul Thompson and work on lower and upper body for up to two hours a day…then we go to the track and do quick feet drills.  Plus, I also have several on ice sessions with Dave Lewis and played in the Wendy’s Summer League.

BDNMB – Your mother is a fitness guru, and also meal planner, does she influence your training program?
Hunt – When I was younger she trained me more, she really helped me with food and she makes great healthy meals.

BDNMB – Your dad appears to be modest and humble around the rink, tell us a bit about your hockey growth and how your dad helped?
Hunt – Well my dad loves the game and watching me play and develop he was never that crazy hockey dad and gave me time to get better.  My dad was always coaching up until midget and my parents sacrificed so much for where I have got to…the draft will be a reward for my family.

BDNMB – This will be the unknown year, (when and if the season does start) does this effect you mentally at all?
Hunt – it’s not easy not knowing and last year I was hurt and only played 27 games so mentally this isn’t easy but I am trying to learn the process and hope everything works out..

BDNMB – Do you have a skill that people don’t know about?
Hunt – I love to draw and paint and would like to start a business designing clothes.

BDNMB.CA wishes all the best to Daemon Hunt and the upcoming NHL draft on October 6th and 7th.