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Food Truck Warz 2023, a look back in photos

The 5th annual Food Truck Warz ended yesterday and below are a collection of photos taken at the event. All photos by Scramble Studio.

Complete food truck listing 2023

In 2023, we will be bringing the best street food vendors to Brandon for 3 days of amazing food.  From poutine to pizza and from BBQ to BeaverTails, Food Truck Warz will showcase diverse and delicious menus from across the province. Select Shows will also be on-hand for the entire 3 days with a variety…

Wood fired pizza on wheels coming to Food Truck Warz

If you're a fan of crisp, rustic style pizza baked on-site the be sure to check out JoJo's Wood Fired Italian Kitchen September 15-17 at Brandon's Food Truck Warz. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Margherita or a Spicy Perogy ‘Za (Spicy, garlic creame sauce, potato, cheddar, mozzarella, bacon crumble, sour crème, green…

Voting for your favorite food truck at Food Truck Warz

Food Truck Warz is Brandon’s largest food truck event bringing together the best food trucks from across the province. Twenty-eight different food trucks will converge at the Keystone Centre on September 15-17 in 2023. The public is invited to come down and experience the delicious food creations being served by the many different culinary experts. Along…

Grilled chicken burgers, smash burgers and smokies on the menu at Food Truck Warz

Firebird Grilled Chicken & Smokies is grillin' up a whole lotta goodness...on the road. The food truck truck will be making their first appearance at Brandon's Food Truck Warz in 2023. Owner Pete Klippenstein told bdnmb.ca that they only use top quality ingredients including their meats which are supplied by Earl's Meat Market out of…
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