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511 Manitoba Road and Traveler Information

The Province of Manitoba has done a really good job in the developing of Manitoba 511, Road and Traveler Information. Manitoba 511 is an APP to show current highway conditions, and photos, from certain areas in the province. The APP works on all IOS and Droid phones, as well as laptops. If you are traveling,…

Manitoba Public Insurance unveils Top Five Frauds of 2016

Source:  www.mpi.mb.ca Fraud comes in all shapes and forms, from deliberately staged accidents to bogus auto theft claims. Manitoba Public Insurance relies on various methods to catch these fraudsters, ranging from good old-fashioned investigative skills to acting on tips from the general public. Fraudulent and suspicious claims are handled by Manitoba Public Insurance’s Special Investigation…

RCMP Check Stop Program Results in Several Charges

One driver was caught doing 135 km/h in a 60 km/h zone, 17 people were charged with either Impaired Driving or drive over .08, and there were 3 people charged with refusing a Breath Demand during the RCMP's most recent Holiday Checkstop Program. In addition the program saw 1 person charged with Impaired Driving by…

BDNMB.CA Smashes Single Day Traffic Statistics

December 27, 2016 was an extremely busy day for us here at bdnmb.ca, as we played host to an astonishing 39,153 unique viewers during the 24-hour period. Many came to view the series of pictures, of the most recent winter storm, that our readers had submitted. Since it was first posted live at 10:00 pm…

Brandon Boxing Day Storm Photos 2016

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