Chez Angela keeping it local


For James and Angela Chambers the owners of Chez Angela on 10th street the one important message they want to get across is this is a work in progress.

James is the “front man” greeting people at the door and offering samples and keeping everything rolling online while Angela is preparing the menu and overseeing the 17 staff that make all their baking and food fresh on a daily basis. “If we don’t sell it within 24 – 36 hours we will donate it to Bear Clan, BU Students, or Helping Hands” said Chambers.

Chez Angela has a really strong connection to the community and to local farmers that supply them with their ingredients. They hire local and buy local and take time to bake from scratch.

If you follow them on Facebook they have their own spin on karaoke. James says “I pick a song from the ’80s or ’90s normally and boom we record it live in one take..we get approached in public for photos because people saw us on Facebook”. Creative marketing and brand awareness are alive and well in Brandon.

Some of the video samples from Chez Angela staff and owners.

Rick Astley

C & C Music Factory

Root beer Donut

James wants everyone to know that they don’t have all the answers yet because this is a young growing business that now has 300 – 500 people a day coming through their doors. But feedback is always vital to the growth of Chez Angela and comments and questions are always welcomed.