CHHA’s Building Re-Fit Store to open by appointment only

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After many long months of the Building Re-Fit Store being closed for a much-needed store clean-up and beautification, the store is opening its doors to the community by appointment only starting June 3.

“After almost 30 years of the store being open, we realized the store needed an upgrade. We closed the store during the winter months to revamp the store to make it more pleasurable for customers to shop in”, says Erin Coleman, Building Re-Fit Program Manager.

The Building Re-Fit Store originally planned to open its doors on June 3 to the community. However, with the current COVID restrictions, the store will now be open by appointment only for the time being.

“We know the store has been missed while we were closed, our staff haven been working hard to create a welcoming and creative shopping environment. We are excited to announce that the Building Re-Fit Store will be opening by appointment. To book your appointment call 204-728-2227.”

Shopping by appointment is not the only thing that has changed in the Building Re-Fit Store.

For more than 20 years, local artists have been show-casing their artwork on the Building Re-Fit Store legal graffiti wall. Inspired by the graffiti wall, over 15 artists, including graffiti artists and art students from Crocus Plains, were given an art space throughout the store to showcase their art.

“Each wall, each mural is different. What this artwork adds to the store, we never could have imagined, the talent in Brandon and surrounding area is amazing!”

The Building Re-Fit Store is an employment and work training project of the Community Health and Housing Association (CHHA). 100% of all donations and sales help us to assist families and individuals in need throughout our community.

To book your shopping appointment or to donate your building materials or good used furniture, call the Building Re-Fit Store at 204-728-2227 today.