CHHA’s Global Kitchen Receives Funding From Westoba Inspire

Photo: Submitted

The Community Health and Housing Association Westman Region (CHHA Westman) through the Global Kitchen is proud to announce that we are a recipient of the Westoba Inspire Program through Westoba Credit Union (WCU).

“Projects like the Global Kitchen are such an important resource for Brandon in the multi-use it provides.” said-Reta Saborowski, WCU Community Investment Committee Chair.-“Westoba recognizes the need for these types of community infrastructure projects now more than ever.”

The Global Kitchen is a community program that CHHA Westman built in 2015 that provides an inclusive setting to prepare, learn about, and produce food in a community setting.  The funds received from Westoba Inspire will be utilized to upgrade the Global Kitchen into a space where CHHA staff can interact, and prepare healthy food with clients, for clients, and the community.  Food prepared will be available for clients, Sober Rocks Health and Recovery Centre which includes Brandon’s first Sober Bar (currently under renovation), low-income families, and given to individuals and/or families staying in CHHA Emergency Homeless shelters.

“The Global Kitchen is more than just preparing and providing food.  It provides opportunities for individuals to meet and develop new relations, share their heritage, cultures, experiences and help build understanding and acceptance between people of diverse backgrounds while increasing food security in our community,” said Stephanie Lockerby, CHHA Assistant Regional Manager.