City Council Approves Growth In South Brandon

Photo by Jeremy Champagne (Scramble Studio)

After several weeks of public consultation and feedback from residents as well as the business community, Brandon City Council has approved a borrowing By-Law for the Southwest Wastewater Servicing Project.

The City of Brandon is planning for population growth to be 63,000 to 65,000 people within 30 years. The City has determined the southwest area will be a focus for residential and commercial growth. New wastewater infrastructure is required to support continued development.

City Council took a planned and principled approach to making this decision. With over a decade of progressive decisions being made, the plan to grow in South Brandon has been through many Councils and Mayors.

City Council navigated through questions, concerns, and various scenarios with the assistance of city administration, the business community, and residents of Brandon to make the best decision possible for now and the future.

City Council approved the By-Law to borrow up to $30 million with the following caveats:

  • That City Administration be authorized to debenture up to $18 million dollars, tender Phase 1 of the project, and have a complete detailed design of Phase 2
  • That prior to borrowing additional funds for this project, City administration will report back to Council for review and approval.

Repayment of borrowing, over the long run, is anticipated to be covered by developer and builder paid fees called Developer Cost Charges.

By passing this By-Law, Brandon City Council has not only proven their commitment to growing in South Brandon, but it also ensures that housing is a top priority. Without prioritizing growth, current housing prices would increase, thus making housing less affordable for residents.

 “I am extremely proud of the way City Council and City Administration has worked through this process to ensure that we are poised to grow in Brandon,” notes Mayor Jeff Fawcett. “While we have taken our time and due diligence to ensure we are getting this right, we are confident that we have set Brandon up for a strong future.”