Community Connection: 20 Questions with Mayoral Candidate Jeff Fawcett


Long-time Brandon resident/business owner and a City Council member for about 20 years, Jeff Fawcett was the first candidate to throw his hat into the Mayoral race to replace Rick Crest. So in true BDNMB.CA fashion, let’s try to get to know Jeff a little bit better and have a few laughs along the way.

Can you let down your hair. Not as far as I used too, I just had it cut.

Should the Winnipeg Jets look for a new coach at the end of the year.: I have a lot of faith in Crocus Plains Gradute Kevin Cheveldayoff to make good hockey decisions for the Jets. He may have a few to make.

Top 3 local places to eat There are lots of great local restaurants but the three I probably find myself in most often would be Blue Hills Bakery, Alberts Bistro, and every Friday with a few friends at Joe Beevers.

Worst part about owing a business: It’s generally pretty positive, particularly with such good staff and clients. However, I have been in business long enough that it predates cell phones, they were a game changer. Both a blessing and a curse.

Were you surprised when Rick Crest elected decided not to run for mayor again: No.

Have you attended Food Truck Warz in the past, if so what is your guilty pleasure: I have, the Jode and I will share from different trucks. Probably two many guilty pleasures as we tend to order from multiple trucks.

Does Brandon need more traffic circles: The traffic circles we have work quite well and it is likely we will see more recommended.

What is your legacy that you will leave behind on Brandon: Hopefully as a community builder. However, that will be for others to decide.

Are you a boxing or UFC guy: Boxing, I still like watching the big fights. I don’t really follow it much any more. In 1996 I did go to watch the first Tyson v Holyfield fight live in Vegas. Very entertaining, Tyson was knocked out in the tenth round.

What is Brandon famous for and this has to be short and sweet: When I travel around the Country it is either agricultural or the Wheat Kings. (Hence the Wheat City).

Do you still wear a mask: I haven’t had COVID and wonder if I’m asymptomatic, so out of consideration of others I will often wear it in and out of a store in case I’m spreading it unintentionally. I can take care of myself, but I do feel some responsibility to others as well.

If you look at the bands coming to Rockin’ the Fields in Minnedosa who would you be excited about: They have a super lineup this year, and it’s great to have live music back. I have to admit I don’t really listen to any of those bands anymore but Streetheart, Chilliwack, Honeymoon Suite, and Loverboy certainly did have heavy rotation between my cassettes and LP’s.

Would you feel it is safe to say that Brandon is an “old boys club” or not so: I feel it would be safe to say every city/town has a perceived “old boys club”. It is usually just the first names on the community fundraising request list. I know of some business women in the last few years that meet and support one another regularly, and for my two cents, if you want to get sh!t done, that’s the group to tap into.

Do you own Bitcoin: No.

Two favorite websites: and (the Jode says I have a book buying problem).

Will Biden repeat in 2024: I would never bet anything on U.S. politics. However, I do think it’s unlikely Joe Biden will run in 2024 (no bets!).

What does Brandon have an abundance of and a lack of: We have an abundance of excellent outdoor greenspace and walking paths, we should promote them more. We lack large scale recreation facilities, particularly indoor.

MAC or PC (don’t let me down on this one): MAC at home, PC at the office.

How many people do you expect that will run for Mayor: It would be good to have quality debate. I hope we could see as many as four?

Save the best for last …….if we have a Wing eating contest at Food Truck Warz can we count on your to participate.: Yes, wing eating is one of my strengths.