Community Connection: 20 Questions with Perry Bergson

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Perry Bergson is an extremely hard working Brandon Sun sports writer who has been doing an outstanding job covering the Brandon Wheat Kings for the past five seasons. He started at the Brandon Sun in 1989, spent three years in Prince Albert, before returning to the Sun in 2005. Perry has a University degree from the Brandon University and a College diploma at Holland College in Charlottetown, P.E.I. In addition to working at the Brandon Sun, he has also worked at the Dauphin Herald and Prince Albert Daily Herald.

1. We understand you appreciate a good cup of coffee, who makes Brandon’s best cup: I’ll tell anyone who listens that my favourite coffee spot is the one in front of me. When I need coffee badly, the gas station cup is as good as the high-end one from a dedicated coffee shop. Also, since I have Icelandic heritage, I’ll happily drink three-day-old coffee as long as it hasn’t turned green.

2. What former/current Wheat King would one day make a great journalist: Great question. Jonny Lambos off the current team and Duncan Campbell in the past.

3. Buffalo wings or loaded nachos: Loaded nachos every time.

4. What is a typical day at work like when the Wheat Kings have a home game: I get to work around 3, do what I can to help the department and get to the rink around 6. I spend some time in the scouts room, chat with the visiting broadcaster (who I sit beside) and do my final game prep. Since our deadlines are tight, I have my game story 90 per cent done at the final horn and run down for my interviews. I’m generally leaving the Keystone about an hour after the game is over.

5. Outside of covering hockey, what other sport do you enjoy covering most for the Brandon Sun: I love baseball and rugby is growing on me because of its community.

6. Three most commonly used apps on your phone: VoiceRecord, Twitter and Gmail.

7. When you are not at the office/rink, what do you do to unwind and relax: My bikes are old but they like to get ridden. My dog and I enjoy her walk every afternoon. I also watch a lot of really old films with my wife.

8. How have things changed since you started working in this industry: When I started, we were pre-Internet working on pretty rudimentary computers. Now a world of information lies out there that I can access from my Mac, which is the industry standard.

9. Three movies everyone should have in their movie library: Sunset Boulevard, The African Queen, Casablanca. (Citizen Kane, The Seventh Seal, High Noon, Being There, My Dinner With Andre, Goodbye Mr. Chips and A Fish Called Wanda are in the discussion. Is that cheating?)

10. Dream dinner party guest (4): (ALIVE) Podcaster Dan Carlin, musician John Hiatt, journalist Christiane Amanpour and comedian Jim Jefferies.
 (DEAD) Actor Katharine Hepburn, writer W. Somerset Maugham, musician Tom Petty and journalist Mike Wallace. (Not counting family members.)

11.  Should the WHL not operate this season, will you be providing up to date coverage of the local Wendy’s Winter Hockey League:  Haha. Nice try.

12. Most underestimated Brandon Sun staffer: My Prince Albert compatriot Tyler Clarke.

13.  Did the Wheat Kings sale surprise you: No, there had been rumours, but I guess it’s still a bit of a shock when it happens. Kelly McCrimmon was synonymous with the team for three decades.

14. Would you compare yourself to Bill Ranford when you played in goal: I actually remember Bill being in Portage, and when I interviewed him, we talked about his time there. Other than both of us being emotional guys in net, one of us was real good and the other became a hockey writer. We both ended up exactly where we belonged.

15. Favorite food stop when on the road with the Wheat Kings: There’s a story here. When I was in Kent, Wash., with the team in the 2016 final against the Seattle Thunderbirds, I was on a tight food budget. Every afternoon, I walked several blocks to Olive Garden because I knew I could gorge myself on pasta, salad and breadsticks. I don’t know if I’ve been to an Olive Garden since but it was a lifesaver that week.

16. Sammy Hagar or David Lee Roth: Sammy Hagar, just because of a solo song he released in 1997 called Amnesty Is Granted.

17. If you have a pair of 8’s and the dealer has a 9 in blackjack what do you do: I’m a chicken. Fold.

18. Favorite three streaming programs: This will firmly establish me as someone who sits and yells at kids to get off my lawn, but I’ve never watched a minute of a streamed show. South Park is my current favourite TV show, and Six Feet Under is my old favourite.

19. Who inspires you: My parents are great people who always work hard and value the concept of giving back. They’ve made a lifelong volunteer of me, and instilled a strong work ethic.

20. Have you made someone cry: It happens in interviews occasionally when you’re discussing emotional topics. It’s never easy because people people are sharing their most intimate thoughts.