Community Connection: 20 Questions with Rodman Batson

Left: Rodman Batson, Right: Brock Lesnar

Rodman is the owner/operator of Peak Performance & Athletics in Brandon. Peak Performance & Athletics is high-class training facility featuring 2 squash courts, weight room, boxing team, group training, hot tub, and a steam/dry sauna. Members have 24/7 access. He is also an athlete (boxer), trainer, father, coach and property manager.

Nickname: Roddy, Bats, Batman

Childhood celebrity crush: Paris Hilton 🙂

Favorite All-Time Wheat King: Randy Ponte, Jordan Tootoo (the bash bro’s!)

A film you’d watch again tonight: water boy, Southpaw

What movie title best describes your life: Goodwill Hunting,

Your dream golfing foursome includes yourself and these three people: Charles Barkley, Wayne Gretzky, Post Malone

How would you describe yourself in 3 words: hardworking, problem solver, athletic

Cheat day, what’s your fast-food guilty pleasure: poutine or pizza (maybe both)

What’s your go-to song to get pumped up before a fight: Ambition (by meek mills, wale)

You’ve got friends visiting Brandon for the first time, where are you taking them: To the boxing event November 9th

Best piece of advice you gave been given: keep your hands up.

What accomplishment in your career are you most proud of to date: my gym, (Peak Performance)

Most famous person you have met: Roger Mayweather, Evander Holyfield, Virgil Hill, Mike Ferland, Walter Gretzky, Clara Hughes,

What’s the last adventure you went on: Mexico

Who do you follow on Social Media: Mostly gyms, and other fitness influencers

Favorite Disney character: Donald Duck

What do you do on your days off: days off? Jk usually catch up on paperwork, or hangout with family and friends

What did you learn from your biggest failure: keep trying, don’t quit

Would you rather have an AC/DC or a Metallica song stuck in your head: Metallica all day!!

What is your greatest strength as a boxer: my strength is my biggest strength 🙂