Corrections officer assaulted; inmate arrested


Source: Brandon Police Service Media Release

Police received a report of an assault on a Correctional Officer at Brandon Correctional Centre, which occurred at approximately 8:20 pm, on November 10, 2019, by a 21-year-old inmate.

Following the assault, the inmate then proceeded to cause extensive damage within the subunit where he was held, including throwing furniture, and food around.

The officer received extensive injuries and was transported to BRHC via ambulance. When police arrived, the situation was contained by BCC employees.

Following an investigation into the actions of the inmate, the 21-year-old male was arrested on November 13, 2019. He will appear in court today on a charge of Aggravated Assault of Peace Officer, and Mischief to Property Over $5000.

The Officer is no longer in the hospital and is recovering.