Dessert truck certain to create major buzz at Food Truck Warz

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If you thought you were too old to get excited about seeing the ice cream truck cruising the streets of Brandon, think again.  Trendy Treats will be bringing its frozen treats to this years Food Truck Warz event and organizers couldn’t be happier. “We believe that Trendy Treats unique home made ice cream will be a great fit for our event” said one of the event coordinators Darryl Wolski.   This is a huge addition to our roster of food trucks for 2019” added Wolski.

Trendy Treats specialize in alcohol infused ice cream and Swiss Ice flavors. Some of the more popular flavors include Sweet Bourbon, Fire Ball, Butterscotch Schnapps and more. The Swiss Ice product can be best described as a cross between a slurpee and a sorbet.

They also have classic ice cream flavors like strawberry, chocolate, bubble gum and more so everyone can enjoy! All of their ice cream and Swiss Ice products are made fresh daily without adding preservatives.  They also serve lemonade and will be coming out with specialty popcorn flavors this summer. 

Stay tuned to and for additional event information coming soon.

Trendy Treats

Trendy Treats