Display Building No.II Celebrated with Grand Opening

Photo: Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba

September 12.18 Brandon, MB – After many long years of renovation, Display Building No. II has reopened to the public and is now home to the Provincial Exhibition of Manitoba and a collection of other local businesses.


With a crowd of close to 200 people, the Provincial Ex directors provided tours to the guests and gave insight into the process of the renovation project.


“This project has succeeded because of one reason, passion.” Said Stan Cochrane, Chair of the Restoring the Glory Campaign. “Everyone that has been involved has done so because they are passionate about seeing this building restored to its former glory.”


Local philanthropists, Gord & Diane Peters have been the driving force behind the funding
campaign. “If you can just stop and imagine 100 years ago, the group of people that were so excited and passionate about constructing this building. “ Said Diane Peters. “If they ever thought that 100 years later that same pride and passion for this building would exist and that their ancestors would be standing in this same building today dedicating it for future generations as they did 100 years ago.”


“This puts the Provincial Exhibition on excellent footing going ahead for the next 100 years.” Said Gord Peters. “Having this space for the volunteers to work out of and produce the fairs is a great tribute to history of the Provincial Exhibition and this community.”


In-keep with its original purpose as a community facility for Agriculture education, Display
Building No. II and volunteers from the Provincial Ex will welcome the public on Sunday,
September 16 for Manitoba open Farm Day from 10 AM – 3 PM. A variety of activities are
planned including butter making, ag learning opportunities, historical displays and a chance to meet with representatives from 4-H Manitoba.