Dough ‘Nauts, Brandon’s tasty little hidden gem

KitKat! A chocolate glaze topped with KitKat pieces!

Dough ‘Nauts is a Brandon based business that has been in operation since July of 2021. Two 23 year old entrepreneurs, Madisyn Varcoe and her boyfriend Tanner Klemick, started the business as donuts are their favorite dessert and they noticed a lack of options for home made donuts in town and saw an opportunity to offer another option.

They currently work on a pre-order basis. Pre-orders open Thursdays at 7pm and close Saturdays 7pm.  You can visit their web site to place an order. They offer pickup or delivery on Sundays. Currently the company operates out of Chez Angela Sunday mornings to have the donuts ready for Sunday afternoons, and their pick up location is Charlow downtown located next to Chez Angela.  Dough ‘Nauts usually does 3 flavours every week and they rotate. For a rundown of flavours for the week, you can follow their Facebook page here. Cotton candy, chocolate toasted coconut, strawberry lemonade, lime coconut, and a rootbeer float are just a few examples of the different weekly specials they have offered since their opening.
Fruity pebbles! Cereal milk glaze topped with Fruity pebbles!
The duo takes inspiration from classic donut flavours with their own personal twist on them, also from other dessert (cheesecake, pie, s’mores, etc.) They also reference a donut book they picked up when the couple first started out. They also often ask for customer suggestions on their Instagram stories.
Oreo cheesecake

While Dough ‘Nauts only operates on Sundays at the moment, they do hope to have their own space at some point so they can be open more days. There may not be a lot of people that know about them, but they appreciate everyone that does and that’s ordered from the company this past year, as well as the friends they’ve made through the business this year. Tanner does all of the graphic design for the business and their little astronaut donuts name is Kevin!

e Golden Girl is a donut with a caramel glaze, pretzels and dark chocolate drizzle