Downed power lines keep crews busy Wednesday

Liam Pattison Photography

Emergency crews and Manitoba Hydro crews were kept busy throughout Wednesday as multiple calls came in for downed power lines, likely due to the large dump of wet snow.

Brandon Fire and Emergency Services responded to a report of downed power lines in the back lane between Queens Ave and Aster Cres near Meadows School.

Downed power lines could be seen arching and smoking while resting on and near objects in the back lane. Manitoba Hydro, as well as Westman Cable and MTS were called in to assess the situation, and the scene was handed off to them by fire crews. Fire crews were on scene from about 3:50 to 5:20 in the afternoon.   Photos by: Liam Pattison Photography.
Photo by: Liam Pattison Photography
Photo by: Liam Pattison Photography
Photo by Liam Pattison Photography
Photo: Liam Pattison Photography