$ettin’ the Tone – Brandon’s Podcasting Pioneers


Perhaps the word pioneers is strong but for Reid Hunter and Rick Nicholson they felt that  with their unique conversations and humour that they could possibly build a podcast on a weekly basis that could get hundreds and thousands of followers.  The two long-time pals, in their early 20’s, discuss everything from politics to Countryfest and from travel to MMA.

BDNMB – So guys what was the inspiration for this idea?
Hunter and Nicholson – We always had interesting conversations and thought why not record them and see if people will listen.

BDNMB – To my knowledge you are the only podcast to originate from Brandon.
Hunter – At the time we started it we were the only podcast in Brandon…I believe we still are.

BDNMB – Any hate Email to date?
Hunter and Nicholson – Some people aren’t the biggest fans but nothing to serious as far as hate mail goes.

BDNMB – This is not really a family friendly program … are any topics off limits?
Hunter – No topic is off limit if it gets really inappropriate or offensive we will just edit it out…but It’s pretty unfiltered and honest the way the world is intended to be.

BDNMB – Are you monetize this venture and get people to sponsor the podcast?
Nicholson – Yes people can advertise on our podcast so far we’ve had Pizza Express and Techdryer sponsored a few episodes.

Soundcloud Link.  You can also follow the guys on Twitter.