GoFundMe set up for Brandon biker injured in a bike accident on a remote trail in Riding Mountain National Park


Last Wednesday, August 12th, Brandon’s Trevor Thompson was in a freak bike accident on a remote trail in Riding Mountain National Park. He was immediately paralyzed from the neck down. With no cell service, it took hours to get help and paramedics to arrive, and he was airlifted by STARS to HSC in Winnipeg.

Later, he regained some motor control and feeling and was scheduled for emergency surgery. After this kind of trauma and major spinal surgery performed on Saturday, his doctors are confident he will regain mobility with time, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy.

Friends & family are hoping for the best, but know this will be a very long road to recovery. Trevor leads an active busy life; raising 3 girls, camping at Sporty’s, fishing, biking, hiking, kayaking, boating, refereeing volleyball, physically training, etc. and as you know he is STUBBORN — he will fight to get it all back. Trevor will have sick leave and disability coverage if needed, but there will be shortfalls They have 3 teenage girls at home: one in College, Grade 12, and Grade 9.

A  Go Fund Me was setup (by Tracy & Dallis Wray) to help alleviate the financial stress the family is facing, so they can focus on recovery and their family. This will help to cover additional living and travel expenses for Sandra, and the partial loss of income while off work. We don’t know right now how long Trevor will need our support.