Growers N’ Smokers relocates to new address


Growers N’ Smokers recently moved to their new address. The company, which also recently celebrated its 4th anniversary in business, is now located at 1150-19th Street. Owner Rick Macl said that there was a number of reasons for the relocation including an expiring lease, the need for additional space to display all products, improved parking, concerns over the upcoming bridge construction, and additional foot traffic. The new location in nearly three times the size of his original location which also leaves room for further expansion.

Growers N’ Smokers originally started in a location with approximately 1,300 square feet of space and quickly expanded to 2,100 as demand grew. Rick said they have an extensive product offering of over 15,000 sku items including products for growing supplies, Apothecary & education, and headshop supplies. While his store is often first thought of for cannabis growing, Rick was quick to point out that a majority of his business comes from specialty growing. They carry a number of indoor gardening products (greenhouses, grow rooms, aquaponics and hydroponics, soil, lighting) for specialty growing products for everything from hot peppers to tropical plants.