Hogs Fries and Dogs new food truck operating in Brandon

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Hogs Fries and Dogs is a food truck in Brandon who are in their first year of operation.  The company purchased an old Fire Rescue truck and spent the entire winter converting it into a food truck.  The conversion was no easy task as they first had to install custom built hoods to fit the truck and then had to purchase all new cooking equipment.  Jasmine Brandt tells bdnmb.ca that their specialty is their fries which are cooked in beef lard instead of oil.  She said that the biggest difference one will notice is that the fries are a lot crispier and have more flavor.  They also serve a variety of hot dogs and drinks.


Even though it is their first year, Jasmine said that the summer has started off extremely busy and that they already have plenty of gigs lined up for the rest of the season.  They are going to be at Rocking the Fields, Minnedosa Fun Fest, and the Austin Rodeo.  They can also be found Tuesdays in Princess Park for Music in the Park.  If you are considering booking them for your next company/community event, fair, rodeo, or sporting event then you can always contact them at the following email address: jasminebrandt50@gmail.com.