Kellington Floors, The Flooring Professionals


One of the goals and mandates of BDNMB.CA is to always provide our readers in Brandon and Westman with information about locally owned and operated businesses. Today is no exception, as we profile Kellington Floors in Brandon.

Kellington Floors Brandon MB

The first thing you notice walking into the new location at 1003-13th Street (near the Keystone Centre) is that you can’t buy power tools, fridges, or a stove…all they sell is flooring, cabinetry, and flooring related products. Additionally, you can find some very unique and interesting area rugs that are normally difficult to find.

Since 1984, Randy and Terry Kellington have operated a locally owned family business that will do everything for your flooring requirements: from your initial order, to shipping the product to the client, to arranging the actual installation process.  Having over 37 years of service and knowledge is difficult to find today.

Kellington’s faced some adversity in 2005 when the location they operated at 1608 Park Ave (Lady of the Lake as well) burned to the ground. This forced them to quickly try and find a new home and they were able to secure their old store location on 6th street.

Terry Kellington feels that COVID 19 did effect business in a few different ways. Some orders were cancelled and other purchases were pushed back as people simply couldn’t afford to pay for what they ordered at the time. The installation process also had to overcome a hurdle or two as clients didn’t want strangers in their home during COVID-19. Orders and business are now slowly returning to what was normal.

Kellington Floors Brandon MB

We asked Dustin Kellington about how the company embraces technology and the future of the industry and he feels they are a bit old school and new school. Some people don’t use smart phones and Facebook so they still do cater to them via other forms of traditional marketing.

Mirage Hardwood, Rosehill Cabinets, beautiful area rugs, and cork flooring are some of what they can offer you when making your flooring and home decoration choices.

Stop by to visit them at their show room in Brandon (1003-13th Street), or call for an estimate at your location.  Web address: