KoKo Estates, a new rural community development only 7 minutes from Brandon


In today’s society couples are looking for the perfect balance of good schools for their children, being close to modern conveniences, as well as quiet stress free living in the country.  Sheldon and Shelley Kokorudz feel they have created that environment with their rural community called KoKo Estates.  Located only a 7 minute drive from the Corral Centre down Grand Valley Road, turn on Hunter Road for roughly one kilometer and you will find 10 lots ranging in size from 2 – 5 acres. 

Customers have a choice to choose whomever they wish for a contractor and KoKo Estates has some local builders to suggest on their website.

After several years of planning and zoning this project is finally off the ground.  “We always had this vision to subdivide and presented it to the RM and then we had to wait for them to do their part and then we officially pursed it”.  BDNMB asked Sheldon was this a difficult process?  ” The process from hearings  – water drilling  –  hydro studies and civil engineers plus follow Brandon Area Planning at the time criteria to follow and two and a half years we are ready”.

For many people the transition from city to country living can be a daunting task but Shelley Kokorudz promises the process isn’t at all difficult. She added that people want additional room for their dogs and horses and with a 5 acre lot you will have more than enough room.

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For further information contact
Don Mitchell at Century 21
204 724 2743