Local artist paints new mural to cover graffiti on Brandon business


Local artist Jordan Mcgregor was tired of driving down College Ave. seeing various forms of graffiti tags on the wall of Brandon Ave Electric and thought it would be a good idea to approach them to do a cool mural that would also help promote their business. Vern Snyder, one of the owners of Brandon Ave Electric, said he has no regrets and has received only positive feedback so far.  Also, Snyder wishes all the best for McGregor in his new  business venture.

The 35 year old Mcgregor said it was nerve racking to ask them and when they said yes he was ecstatic as this would be his first commercial mural.  Overall the feedback has been good with maybe the odd negative comment from other artists.  Down the road he would like to work together with Anne Boychuk and do a few more larger projects under his belt.

Contact Jordan at:
lllimagination2021 – Instagram
204 730 5766