Local company expands, now offering appliance repair to all makes & models


Wheat City Appliance Repair, a division of Wheat City Electric, is now offering appliance repair services (all makes and models) to customers all over southwestern Manitoba.  Clients can now book an appointment to repair a dishwasher, refrigerator, oven, washing machine, or dryer simply by calling/texting them at 204-761-5131 or via email.

Owner Marty Kauk told bdnmb.ca they decided to get into the appliance repair business as it mirrored some of the work they were presently doing. “Appliance repair falls into the same line of work that we do now with Wheat City Electric and in the past when I’ve needed an appliance repaired we’ve had to wait 2 weeks say on average so I felt there was some need for another company in town offering this service”. Marty added the company did hire one additional staff member who is experienced in appliance repair.

Wheat City Appliance Repair will offer both an in-house or drop off service. They will come to you, you can drop anything off at their building (1523 Russell St,) and they can repair it there. Additionally, they can sell you appliance parts if you’re wanting to tackle the repair yourself. “If the call is an emergency, we can usually fit something in within a day or so and usual lead time is 2-3 days” stated Marty.

If you’ve bought new appliances from an appliance store/furniture store and the delivery is scheduled for 2 weeks down the road, they can pick up your appliances and install them into your place, removing your old ones in the process. Or, if you’ve bought from a company like Costco and they deliver to the curb, Wheat City Appliance Repair can move them all inside and install them for you.