Local golfer, Mark Shanks records hole-in-one at the Wheat City Golf Course


Local golfer, Mark Shanks sunk an ace at the Wheat City Golf Course on Thursday. He used a 5-hybrid on the 195-yard shot on hole No. 14. The shot was witnessed by Eric Dickson and Bryan Ferguson. Shanks is no stranger to celebrating an ace, have scored two hole-in-ones previously: one at the Minnedosa Golf & Country Club on hole 12 on March 12, 2012 at noon and another at the Clear Lake Golf Course in 2016 on hole 12. While it was his third hole-in-one, this one holds the the most meaning to Shanks as he has been golfing at the course for the past 47-years and it was the first time he actually saw the ball enter the cup.

Photo: Wheat City Golf Course