McCallum Roofing Ltd providing customers with high quality and affordable roofing solutions


The McCallum name has been connected to the roofing industry for over 7 decades in Manitoba. McCallum Roofing Ltd. is led by Darren McCallum an Inter-Provincial Red Seal Journeyman roofer. They provide exterior building protection to residential, commercial and industrial client’s in Manitoba, specifically Brandon and area. Services include shingle roof installation and repair, flat roof installation and repair, and siding installation and replacement.

BDNMB.CA recently had an opportunity to discuss Darren’s new venture which has been in operation for a little over a month.

BDNMB.CA: How your business has changed from working with your Dad, to Flynn, to now your new business?

Darren: Trying not to look back too much to the family business as it was like losing a very big piece of your life as well as yourself as the business actually becomes an extension of you. The new business will be focused on flat roofing, shingling and service work including roof leak repair service. Working in a family run business then transitioning into a large corporate business was a difficult change as you no longer work for yourself and have a constant feeling of expandability in that environment. I always felt that there was opportunity for a local flat roofing company as there are none, just national companies who saw the opportunity when WCR closed. McCallum Roofing will not only be doing commercial/industrial work but will be working in the residential area.

BDNMB.CA: Is finding skilled staff difficult?

Darren: Finding staff is always difficult but through constant training and development the long term goal is developing a culture based on safety and quality.

BDNMB.CA: What are the plans for the future and how will things be different working on your own?

Darren: Basically wanted to try my own venture in my area of expertise and grow a successful business through quality workmanship and long term relationships developed by myself over the 30+ years being in the construction industry.

You can check out McCallum Roofing Ltd.on Facebook or else their website.