MMF Donates $1 Million to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation

Photo: Manitoba Metis Federation! Facebook
Winnipeg, MB – Today the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) announced it is donating $1 million to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. The donation was unveiled by MMF President David Chartrand during his State of the Nation Address at the MMF’s Annual General Assembly.
“Cancer is a disease that knows no boundaries, race or social background,” said President Chartrand. “I am so proud that my Cabinet unanimously supported the decision to make such a sizeable donation to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. I know this will be money well spent as we all work towards lessening the impacts of this terrible disease for all Manitobans including our Manitoba Métis Community.”
All funds raised and donated to the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation remain in the province. Donated funds support an internationally-recognized team of health professionals who provide care for patients and their families throughout Manitoba, northwestern Ontario and Nunavut dealing with a cancer diagnosis.
“This announcement has a great deal of historical context attached to it,” said President Chartrand. “Even though we are the founders of Manitoba, it has been a long and difficult path towards recognition of our rightful place as a government. Thanks to the reconciliation efforts of the federal government along with our sound fiscal management, we are now in a position to make this donation.”
MMF’s $1 million donation will help recruit, develop and retain the best and brightest cancer specialists along with providing critical funding to operate a state-of-the-art cancer research centre. It will also ensure access to clinical trials here in Manitoba and most importantly provides real hope for Manitobans and their families facing a cancer diagnosis.
“It’s no secret that health care outcomes for Metis Citizens in Manitoba are troubling especially when it comes to accessing health services,” said President Chartrand. “We cannot wait for government to effect positive change while people die from inadequate care.
The MMF is serious about helping to deliver the care and services our people so desperately need.”  “I’ve been advised that the goal of CancerCare is a ‘World Without Cancer,” added President Chartrand. “I challenge my fellow political leaders in Manitoba to do their part to help make that inspiring outcome a reality.”
(Source: Manitoba Metis Federation News Release)