Neelin Off Campus Becomes Stand-Alone School


Brandon School Division’s Senior Administration and Board of Trustees are pleased to advise that Manitoba Education & Training has approved a request for the Neelin High School Off Campus Program to become an official stand-alone school, now known as “Brandon School Division – Off Campus”. The official naming process will begin in September 2019, as outlined in Administrative Procedure 7035 – Naming and Renaming of Division Facilities.

“It is very exciting news that Brandon School Division has received authorization from the province for the Off Campus Program to become its own school. The program has expanded dramatically over the years due to the dedication of the staff and the students, and it is only fitting that it become a school in its own right. The announcement of this development at the Off Campus Graduation Ceremony last Friday, June 21st, was met with enthusiastic applause from this year’s graduating class of sixty students.”
Dr. Linda Ross, Chair
Brandon School Division Board of Trustees

The Off Campus Program is an initiative of the Brandon School Division that opened its doors in September of 2007. Offering an alternative and unique school setting, for students who are at risk of discontinuing their education for a variety of reasons, students are self-directed and able to work at a more flexible pace.

“We are excited to move forward as our own stand-alone school in Brandon School Division; we look forward to continuing to build school culture, identity, and community to foster a sense of belonging for our students. We hope to further strengthen our school identity in the community as we continue to build connections with stakeholders and service providers to support our students.”
Susan Gilleshammer, Acting Principal
Brandon School Division – Off Campus School