New Brandon pet salon aims to keep dogs, cats looking their best

Photo: Furtastic Beasts and Where to Groom Them
A new grooming shop (Furtastic Beasts and Where to Groom Them) is set to open their doors tomorrow in Brandon. Specifically for one-on-one, low stress dog and cat grooming, they are located at 7C-1451 Richmond Ave East.
Designed for low impact – they even have a hydraulic tub for those big dogs, so they can walk right in! No more awkward lifting, easier on your pet and staff! Advanced technology clippers are one of the quietest devices on the market. Every dog/cat gets a Happy Hoodie to wear around the head while their high efficiency dryers work to keep the noise and time under the gun to a minimum. Top quality shampoos and conditioners are used. No daycare, so your pets get all of the shop’s attention, with minimum distractions.
Bookings by appointment only (Nail trims too!)
Call or text to book in! (204) 819-4523
Photo: Furtastic Beasts and Where to Groom Them