Photo Gallery: Huge crowds at this year’s Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa

Photo by Club Z.

Streetheart, Sass Jordan, 54-40, and Tom Cochrane with Red Rider are all set to hit the main stage tonight at Rockin’ the Fields of Minnedosa. If the past two evenings are any indication then organizers can once again expect a big turnout to catch all the evening’s entertainment.

Friday night crowd at Rockin’ The Fields. Photo by Club Z
Crowd starting to file in for Sam Roberts Saturday evening.
Collective Soul-Saturday evening. Huge crowd on hand.
Saturday night crowd.
Collective Soul:Photo by Club Z.

Updated: Sunday Night Photos

Tom Cochrane Sunday Night. Photo by: Club Z
Tom belting out another song Photo by: Club Z
Big turnout again Sunday night. Photo by: Club Z
Sass Jordan: Photo by: Club Z