Pizza Hut now offering contactless pickup & delivery


Andrew Prankie, local Pizza Hut GM, says customers have really appreciated the extra attention to detail by going contact-less for pick-up or delivery. For pickup orders, when you per-order/pay online you can then walk into your desired Brandon Pizza Hut location to pick up your order and leave. The area is then sanitized after each transaction. According to Prankie, after each debit card or credit card transaction the machine is sanitized.

On delivery orders, when the driver comes to your home the order is placed in a sanitized bin. When the driver arrives at your location the door bell is rang by the drivers elbow and the driver steps back 10 feet to enable the customer to get the order. The driver then brings back the plastic bin and to be sanitized. Prankie says some small issues are being worked out but it’s a step in the right direction.