Plato’s Closet coming to Brandon


American clothing franchise Plato’s Closest will be coming to Brandon this winter at 1505 – 1st street (Tim Hortons mini mall location). What is Plato’s Closest, the best way to sum it up is this description: Plato’s Closet buys and sells gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories, so you can recycle the items you no longer wear and get paid cash on the spot.

Brianne Roblin (local franchise owner, pictured above with her family) knew that opening a clothing store like Plato’s Closest would be a great idea for Brandon but felt opening Once Upon A Child first was the smart move. She went back and forth in deciding what was correct for her family and this community.  “We have been fortunate with how Once Upon A Child has done so far, so we know Plato’s Closest will do fine” said Roblin.

“The day we opened Once Upon A Child the Province shut us down due to Covid. Until a month ago we never had the chance to have 100 percent occupancy.” added Roblin.

Roblin told has shopped at Plato’s Closest for over 3 years in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Red Deer and Edmonton.  She said she never left disappointed and purchased a pair of brand new Manitoba Mukluks in Edmonton for 14 dollars.. “made my trip”.

“As I had mentioned in my first interview a year back for Once Upon A Child, I love thrifting!! Always have and always will, so going to work everyday is an absolute blast. Like they say, find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Plato’s Closest and Once Upon A Child are part of a company called Winmark. ”They are so helpful and are the experts in the resale business, not only do they have Once Upon A Child and Plato’s Closet they are also home to Play it again Sports, Music Go Around and Style Encore.” commented Roblin.

The store will be employing approximately 20-25 full and part time employees and anyone who is interested in working at the store can send their resume to Attn: Hiring Manager.