Police charge 10 people following cocaine trafficking investigation

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The Brandon Police Service Crime Support Unit and Blue Hills RCMP conducted a joint forces Controlled Drugs and Substances Act investigation entitled “Project DEJURE”.  The partner agencies targeted individuals responsible for trafficking Cocaine in the Westman area.  Operations were launched in June, 2017 and recently concluded in November which resulted with a total of 10 individuals charged for drug trafficking and other related offenses.  Twenty-one Cocaine trafficking charges have been laid as well as Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking Cocaine and Possession of Proceeds of Crime charges.  All individuals charged reside in Brandon and the Westman area.

To date, Police have arrested and charged the following seven individuals who have all since been released from custody with future court dates:

Trent STOKES, 29 years, Trafficking cocaine x3, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking cocaine, Proceeds of Crime
James NEPINAK, 26 years, Trafficking cocaine x3
Owen STEVENSON, 25 years, Trafficking cocaine
Harley MALCOM, 25 years, Trafficking cocaine x2
Emma NANKIVELL, 34 years, Trafficking cocaine X2
Tyson SURMINSKY, 27 years, Trafficking cocaine
Crystal LAROSE,  34 years, Trafficking cocaine

Also arrested and lodged to appear before a Judicial Justice of the Peace was Nelson BERARD, 39 years for Trafficking cocaine X4.

Warrants of arrest have been issued for the remaining two individuals:
Chelsea BRAZEAU, 22 years
Warrant of Arrest- Trafficking Cocaine                                   

Parker MCDONALD, 22 years
Warrant of Arrest – Trafficking Cocaine X2

If anyone has information on the whereabouts of these two individuals please contact the Brandon Police Servie.

During the course of Project DEJURE, Police seized a total of 54.1 grams of Cocaine with an estimated street value of $5,400. 

Those who produce and traffic illicit drugs destroy lives, homes and communities. Manitoba Law Enforcement Agencies remain fully committed to enforcing laws against illicit drugs to their fullest extent.